Juris Master in Government Contracts

Earn a Juris Master Degree with a Government Contracts & Regulation Concentration


    The Juris Master in Government Contracts & Regulation allows students to study how procurement systems operate and provides a competitive edge to professionals seeking to master the regulations and requirements of working with both federal and state agencies.

    Quick Facts

    The Juris Masters with a concentration in Government Contracts & Regulation program offers:

      • 15 credits of required Juris Master core curriculum
      • 15 credits dedicated to Government Contracts & Regulation specific coursework
      • Full Law School Facility Access
      • One-on-One Career Advising

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    Antonin Scalia Law School

    The Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University has been recognized as a “top location for young attorneys in the US” and is widely celebrated for its “top-25 faculty.”  The Juris Master (JM) Degree Program offers focused and actionable career training and the professional network necessary for advancement. The classes are broken into manageable sessions and students gain full access to the law school’s extended resource portfolio. 

    To learn more about other JM Degree Program concentrations, visit: jurismaster.gmu.edu

    Industry Concentrations

    The Juris Master program helps build professional expertise by combining foundational U.S. legal training with independent specialization. The George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law offers six Juris Master Concentration areas including Criminal Justice, Employment and Labor Relations, Financial and Commercial Services, Government Contracts and Regulation, Intellectual Property and Technology, and National Security, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy.

    Law School Resources

    Unlike many remote-access programs, The Antonin Scalia School of Law is committed to ensuring Juris Master students are fully included in the larger law school community. Students have individualized academic advising sessions and access to law school spaces for studying. Students are also invited to attend campus events, lectures, and panels, and to participate in student organizations.

    Career & Networking

    Juris Master students gain access to strategic networks through faculty and cohort connections. Career advising, guidance, and coaching are available alongside academic preparation and are designed to help advance each student’s professional career.

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